We know, everyone has a tight morning routine… especially on workdays. There’s not much room to add another routine in it. We understand… we also prefer to snooze in bed as long as possible, so it was difficult for us to get up 5 minutes earlier to make a lukewarm lemon infusion each morning… squeezing the lemon, the cleaning afterwards… It sounds like we are exaggerating… But if you have to wake up early, you know that you cherish every minute of those 5 minutes extra sleep. But on the other hand we knew how healthy it is to drink a fresh lemon infusion before breakfast, so we figured out a way to make one each morning very quickly… needing less than 1 minute! Use lemon-ice-cubes!! It’s fresh and so easy!

“Use lemon-ice-cubes!! It’s fresh and so easy!”

The only ‘time-consuming’ part is the preparation, but even that only takes 5 minutes, and you can make lemon-ice-cubes for days!

Lemon juice ice cubes

Preparation less than 5 minutes Freezing time until firm (at least 2 hours)

Ingredients (for 1 ice cube mold)

  •  ± 7 lemons (how many depends on the size of your ice cube mold)

Let’s start!

  • Squeeze the 7 lemons.
  • Poor the juice into the ice cube mold.
  • Put the mold into the freezer.
  • Wait until firm.

And that’s about it. Now, to make a lemon infusion it’s important that you don’t use boiling water! The water temperature has to be less than 60°C (140°F). If the water temperature is more than 65°C it’s possible that you’ll burn all the vitamins… Drop a lemon ice cub into a glass or cup and poor the warm water into it.

Tea rumour: drink the lemon infusion through a straw, your teeth will be thankful for that because the acid in the lemon damages your tooth enamel.

An other reason to make the lemon cubes is just because if you have visitors who want to drink a cup of tea you can always offer them some fresh lemon juice… and you don’t have to start squeezing! On cool tea parties you can poor the lemon juice into fun ice cube molds!


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