Ginger has so many good qualities! You can call it a power root! Drinking a fresh ginger infusion every day can lower your risk of many diseases! Do we have to say more?

We know… it’s a lot of work to grate ginger everyday! That’s why this trick is a life changing hack!

Ginger infusion

Preparation less than 5 minutes Freezing time until firm (at least 2 hours)

Ingredients (for 1 ice cube mold)

  • 1 ginger root (size depends on the size of your ice cube tray)
  • some water

Let’s start!

  • Peel off the skin of your ginger root.
  • Cut your ginger root into pieces.
  • Put it in a blender.
  • Add some water (1/3 of your ginger portion).
  • Mix it all together.
  • Divide the ginger between the molds in your ice cube tray.
  • Put it in the freezer and freeze until firm (at least 2 hours)

Now you can easily put a ginger ice cube in your cup everyday (how many depends on how strong you want your infusion, this is a matter of taste). The water you have to pour on your ice cube has to be at least 80°C (176°F) or more!

Tea rumour: Not everyone likes the sharp and spicy taste of ginger, that’s why you can experiment by adding a lot of other flavours to your drink! We love it to drink it pure but also in combination with cinnamon and fresh apple juice!


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