This is our first attempt to make a Matcha cheesecake! We really like the way it turned out. The subtle Matcha flavour fits perfectly with the creamy and soft taste of the cheesecake!

“The subtle matcha flavour fits perfectly”

We used a classic cheesecake recipe to make the cake. We recommend a No-Bake Cheesecake recipe. We wanted to add an extra touch of matcha to the recipe. It’s very simple… we did a bit (1 cup) of the cheesecake batter in a separate bowl to mingle with some matcha powder (you can choose the amount of Matcha, because it depends on your ‘green-colour-preference’).¬†When you’ve mixed the matcha together with a bit of the cheesecake batter in the separate bowl, you can poor the white cheesecake batter into the cake pan on top of your crust. When you have a smooth white surface you can start with your matcha batter.

We used the end of a teaspoon to put into the green matcha batter, this way there will stick a bit of the green batter to the end of your spoon. Now you can easily drop the matcha batter on the white surface of the cheesecake by pressing it a bit against the white batter. Now you’ll have a little green dot. You have to repeat this till you have a circle of green dots (how many circles is your choice). To ‘draw’ hearts you have to take a toothpick and draw a circle going through the middle of all the green dots. Now you’ll have a beautiful circle full of hearts.

Good luck and enjoy!


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