Good evening!

It’s generally known that it’s better not to drink coffee before bedtime… That’s why a lot of people choose to drink a nice cup of tea in the evening. But unfortunately you can’t drink every type of tea if you want to be able to fall asleep quickly.

We disuade you to drink the following:

Every type of tea harvest from the tea plant

– Green tea

– Black tea

– Oolong tea

-Pu-erh tea

“Theine gives you energy!”

All these types of tea contain theine. Theine has the same effect on your body as caffeine. It gives you energy!

Luckily there are more than 100 infusions you can drink before bedtime! Everything containing herbs, flowers or fruit.

evening tea

What are our favourites in the evening?

– chamomile

– Nettle

– Rooibos (Rooibos is not harvest from the tea plant, so it doesn’t contain theine) 

– Lemon with ginger

– Mint

Tea rumour: if your bladder is filled up quickly, then you better stop drinking your infusion half an hour before bedtime! 😉



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