When it’s smoking hot outside we are sometimes craving for something else than just water. But at the same time we want to drink something that’s healthy and also hydrating… Homemade iced tea is definitely the best you can drink other than water to quench your thirst. You can make it as healthy, sweet or bitter as you like!

“i’ts healthy and also hydrating”

Choose the basic flavour

If you want to make your iced tea you have to choose the basic flavour you want. For example a strawberry infusion if you want to make a sweet and fruity iced tea, or lemon green tea if you prefer a more bitter taste.

Amount of loose tea

Normally you have to add 12 grams (0,42 ounces) of tea per 1 liter of hot water. But you have to double the amount of tea if you want to make iced tea because you have to add ice cubes to your drink, which means that you’re going to add ‘extra water’. The ice cubes will dilute your tea flavour. That’s why you have add 24 grams (0,84 ounces) of tea per 1 liter of hot water.

Make the iced tea

– Choose your favourite type of tea or infusion and put it in your teapot. 24 grams per 1 liter.

– Add hot water (the temperature depends on your type of tea/infusion)

– Let it steep for a couple of minutes (how long depends on your type of tea)

– Pour the tea into an empty bottle.

– Put it in the fridge (for at least a day/night)

Pimp your iced tea

“Edible flowers are an eye-catcher on a party”

When you’re going to serve your iced tea make sure it looks festive! So pimp it with extra flavours! When we make the strawberry iced tea we love to put some mint in our jug. It’s also nice to cut some strawberries and add them as well.

For the lemon green tea you can also add some mint and extra slices of lemon. If you try to find a balance between bitter and sweet you can add a tablespoon of honey to your iced tea.

You can always add edible flowers to your iced tea! It doesn’t change the flavour but it looks beautiful and it’s an eye-catcher on a party!

Add the crushed ice

Don’t forget that you still have to add the crushed ice/ice cubes into your jug or glass! So don’t poor too much tea, there still has to be room for some extra freshness 😉

Iced tea: healthy party drink

“It will appeal to children and pregnant ladies will be thankfull”

It’s always a good idea to serve iced tea on a party! This way you serve something fresh and healthy instead of sodas full of sugar. It will appeal to children and pregnant ladies will be thankful that they have a healthy option other than water or orange juice.

Tea rumour: add some basil leaves to your strawberry iced tea! The combination is surprisingly good!


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