When it’s summer we all like to give a party! Whether it’s a dinner or a pool party, having some non-alcoholic and more healthy drinks will make you as a host more popular! There are always people who just don’t drink alcohol or people who don’t want to count calories each time they’re drinking a cocktail…

“mint has several benefits as well” 

And these are not the only reasons why you should make a white tea mojito! We’ll add some more:

♥ During a party there are always many sweet and greasy bites… after having a few it’s normal that you’ll have a greasy taste in your mouth. White tea will help you to rinse your mouth and you’ll see that the aftertaste will be gone.

♥ The mint that you add to the mojito has several benefits as well… it eases nausea and asthma, it gives your immune system a boost and it is the best breath freshener (that comes in handy at a party doesn’t it? 😉 )

♥ We all know that limes are stuffed with vitamin C…

Enough reasons… let’s make that healthy mocktail!

PREPARATION 10 minutes COOLING-DOWN at least 4 hours


• White tea (24 grams (0,84 ounces) per 1 liter)

• 2 limes

• a tablespoon of cane sugar or honey

• a handful of mint leaves (and extra to decorate)

• crushed ice/ice cubes

Let’s start!

  • Boil 1 liter of water (80°C or 176°F)
  • Put the white tea (it’s easy if you put the leaves in a teabag) and the mint leaves into your teapot and add the hot water.
  • Let it steep for about 4 minutes, make sure you remove the tea leaves after those minutes. You can leave the mint.
  • Add the sugar or honey
  • Poor your mojito into a nice jug in which you want to present your mojito and put that into to fridge
  • After two hours you can cut the limes into thin slices and add them to your mojito
  • Put it back into the fridge for a couple of hours
“less is not always more”

When it’s time to serve your mojito you can decorate the glasses as festive as you want! Add a sugar rim for a more fancy look and add some extra mint leaves or lime slices! Less is not always more 😉

Do you want to make more non-alcoholic drinks? Check out our blog post about iced teas.


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