Macarons are very popular at afternoon tea parties because they go very well with a cup of tea. So it was perfect when we found a recipe on how to make macarons with Earl Grey. A tea flavour in a macaron… this must be a great culinary match! We were used to bake things with matcha, but we never tried another type of tea. It was also our firts attempt to make macarons, so it was a whole new tea and baking experience.

“‘the book of tea’ is the holy bible for tea lovers”

The book ‘the book of tea’ written by Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby is the holy bible for tea lovers. It’s full of tea recipes and we can’t wait to try them all out! The recipe on the earl grey macarons was immediately an eye catcher when we were page-turning the book for the first time. We had to try these!


“it’s so much fun when you can serve something different”

You don’t need many ingredients, for us that was already a plus! On top of that the recipe is explained in a very easy way. So before we knew it we had delicious macarons ready to be eaten! It’s so much fun when you have an afternoon party and you can serve something different.

“We chose the fresh and buttery lemon taste”

In the book you have two options… earl grey macarons with a lemon filling or a lavender filling. We chose to go with the fresh and buttery lemon taste. But because it was so hard to choose which filling to try first we added some dried lavender petals to decorate the macarons. These subtle hints of lavender go really well with the earl grey and lemon flavour.

We can’t publish this recipe out of respect, because it’s not ours. But what we can do is to recommend this book ‘the book of tea’ dearly because if you are a tea lover or if you like to experiment with flavours in general this book is a must-have!

Tea rumour: after a couple of minutes we ate them all!

Earl grey macaron



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