A lot of people serve a non-alcoholic aperitif on Christmas or New Year’s Eve for children, pregnant women or the ones who have to drive back home.
But sometimes they want to serve something different than just sodas or orange juices. So lately we got a lot of questions if we have a healthy winter iced tea recipe… Which we think is a good idea because you already stuff yourself with food, so it’s always nice to start the party with something more light and healthy.

“A non-alcoholic aperitif for children, pregnant women or the ones who have to drive back home”

Normally iced teas are more a summer thing… But that’s not entirely true. There are enough winter flavours you can experiment with to make a nice fresh iced tea to quench your thirst.

PREPARATION 10 minutes COOLING-DOWN at least 4 hours


• Earl grey (12 grams (0,42 ounces) per 1 liter)

• 2 oranges + 1 extra to decorate

• fresh rosemary leaves

• 10 whole cloves

Let’s start!

  • Boil 1 liter of water (80°C or 176°F)
  • Put the earl grey leaves into your teapot and add the hot water.
  • Let it steep for about 4 minutes (make sure you remove the tea leaves after those 4 minutes)
  • Let the tea cool down
  • Squeeze the orange juice and add to the tea
  • Poor your tea into a nice jug in which you want to present your iced tea
  • Add the rosemary leaves and whole cloves to your tea and put it away in the fridge
  • After two hours you can cut the third orange into thin slices and add them to your iced tea
  • Put it back into the fridge for a couple of hours
  • You can add some honey but we think it’s already sweet enough because of the orange juice

Altough we call this an iced tea… we don’t add ice cubes… we thinks it’s cold enough after 4 hours in the fridge. Don’t forget it’s winter… 😉

Present this in a nice bottle with a straw, a slice of orange and some rosemary. It looks nice and it tastes good!



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