No inspiration for a original and tasty gift? We made these delicious matcha truffles and we gave it to a host at a New Year’s dinner party. She was really surprised and she liked the fact that we had put some effort into this gift. And luckily she found them heavenly. We think it’s nice to give something ‘homemade’ to somebody else. It’s always made with love and it’s something different than wine or flowers… and ofcourse you give your host immediately something she can serve together with some tea or coffee.

“We think it’s nice to give something ‘homemade’ to somebody else”

The filling of the truffles is made of white chocolate, whipped cream and matcha. We chose to coat the truffles with white, milk and dark chocolate… It looks nice to present three different types of truffles in a box.

We found the recipe in the book ‘the book of tea’ written by Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby… it really is the holy bible for tea lovers.

Tea rumour: You can tell everybody that these are ‘healthy’ chocolates with antioxidants in it! No one will feel guilty after eating a couple of these then… And maybe it’s better to eat them before eight pm because the matcha might keep you awake at night… 🙂



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