No more sugar in 3 steps

For many of us it’s so incredibly hard… tea without sugar or honey…

A cup of tea or an infusion is a healthy drink with tons of good qualities. It would be unfortunate to make it unhealthy by adding sugar. Sugar is not only very bad for your body, the soft tea flavour is actually destroyed because all you can taste is sweetness.

We have to admit when we were adolescents it was very hard to drink tea without sugar! But we tried… and we did it! So believe us, you can do it too!

But how did we succeed to do this? 3 easy tricks!

  • We started only drinking sweet infusions containing sweet fruit. The sweeter the better, thanks to the natural sugar. Our favourite? Red fruit, trust us… no extra sweetness needed!
  • What makes tea bitter is theine… But we banned all our sugar cubes out of the house… so we cheated a little by adding a tiny little bit of honey to our tea. We reassured ourselves with the idea that honey is still healthier than sugar and it also has good qualities… Tea rumour: if we have a sore throat we still use honey because it is a good way to ease the pain…
  • But unfortunatly honey is still a form of sugar, and it still takes away the natural flavour of tea. So each day we added less and less honey to our tea, and one day it was too absurd to add just one drop of honey so we left it out of our cup! Sometimes it’s just the idea of it… And without even realising it we drank tea without any additives of sugar!
“We really appreciate the natural flavour of tea”

We did it! And since then we really appreciate the natural flavour of tea! All it takes is a bit of character! 😉 Via lots of other products we eat too much sugar! So why not drink tea in its own pureness?

Tea rumour: If you really don’t like tea with a bit of extra sweetness. Add stevia to it, it’s the healthiest sweetener…



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