Tea is the new lemonade

“It’s also hard for us to spend a day without tasting a bit of sweetness on our tongue…”

A lot of parents find it hard to keep their children away from sticky sodas. But kids just
love them. We have to admit that it’s also hard for us to spend a day without tasting a bit of sweetness on our tongue…

Luckily there are a lot of other sweet options instead of ‘fruity’ lemonades full of sugar.



It’s not simple to learn your little ones to drink tea. They don’t like the bitter taste of black or green tea or the ‘tasteless’ white tea.

“Teach them how to drink fruit infusions!”

That’s why we recommend you to teach them how to drink fruit infusions! We don’t have kids yet, but we know out of experience that this works! Fruit infusions have a natural sugary taste so you don’t have to add any extra sweetness yourself.

Just walk into a tea shop and we’re sure that you’ll find at least fifty kinds of infusions your kids won’t get enough of!

Here’s a list of all the popular flavours that makes a fruit infusion deliciously sweet! If you find one or more ingredients on the label than we assure you that your kids will prefer a healthy infusion instead of a lemonade!

Brier (basic ingredient of a fruit infusion)

Dried berries

Dried strawberries

Dried pineapple

Dried apple

Dried melon

Dried papaya

Dried rosebuds

Tea rumour: make it more festive and put a piece of fruit on the side of the cup/glass!

Tea for kids















You still want to try to let them drink green or black tea? Make it easier and choose a green or black tea with a mixture of fruit or flower aromas. That way they’ll taste a touch of sweetness…

If the weather is too warm to drink hot tisanes you can easily switch over to iced teas. You can find our recipes on how to make iced tea here.

Tea rumour: Pour some of your child’s favourite iced tea into a nice thermos/bottle so they can bring it to school!



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