Loose tea vs. teabags


We prefer to drink loose tea. In our opinion it’s much better than tea in tea bags. Not that we have anything against it, but it’s just not the same to us. We know it’s easier to put a teabag in your cup, than measuring loose tea into a tea strainer, but really, it’s totally worth it!

It’s even possible if you aren’t a tea person because you don’t like teabags tea… that you might become one if you try loose tea! It’s a big difference!
And here is why:

Loose tea

“Tea has not really the possibility to expand in teabags”

When you put your tea into the water, it’s very important that it’s able to expand, because that way all the flavours, aromas, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are able to come out. Teabags are very small and tight… the tea has not really the possibility to expand in there.

Also the kind of tea you get in teabags is tea dust. When the tea is harvest and processed,

the beautiful big tealeaves become the loose tea, and the leftovers are put into the
teabags. It gives you a chemical tea flavour.

Tea in teabags is a cheap and easy solution. But you tend to pay more money for a good bottle of wine rather than a cheap one won’t you? Why not doing the same with tea?

If you still prefer tea in teabags, beware of the following tea rumours:

  • Don’t put your teabag longer than 10 seconds into the warm water. We know the
    packaging sais different
  • Don’t move the teabag up and down, we know it’s very tempting to do so but the chemical tea flavour will get stronger…
  • Don’t squeeze it around your teaspoon; we know everyone does it but you’ll squeeze the bitterness out of it…

Loose tea


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