Hello everyone!

We present you our tea blog! Nice to meet you, we are Elke and Frauke. We don’t only look very similar; we also have a lot of things in common! Like our passion and love for tea and infusions!

It’s a drink we just can’t get enough of and we enjoy it every day. We drink it to rise and shine in the morning, to boost our energy in the afternoon and to calm down in the evening. And in the meantime we keep on cleansing our body during the whole day!

Tea has so many good qualities you’ve might never even heard of! Finally a drink, with great flavours, and you don’t have to feel guilty! It improves your health, and what is more important than that?

We want to encourage young and old to drink tea and infusions, but of course the right way! Because tea is not just a drink, it’s a culinary piece of art!

With our tea rumours you’ll make the best tea in little time, but you’ll enjoy it much longer!

Move aside coffee lovers, tea is hot!